Product Specifications

We didn't hold back on A-Ride. From the motor and frame to the brakes, shocks, and accessories, we completely decked A-Ride out to give you the ultimate, seamless riding experience.

180 Disk Brake Rotors

Our disk brake rotors provide enhanced braking performance and confident control for both hectic city traffic and spirited country rides.

180 Disk Brake Rotors

Tektro HD E-350

We've added built in cut-offs for additional safety. The Tecktro HD-350 cuts off power from the motor when applying the brakes to make sure you stay in control all the time.

Thumb Throttle

After testing dozens of different thumb throttles, we’ve found the perfect one. Our thumb throttle can easily be adjusted to find the most ergonomic position for your riding style.

Thumb Throttle

TFT Display

The best that technology can offer - our 3.5" TFT display is brighter and faster than a regular LCD display. Get your current speed (SPEED), maximum speed (MAX), total trip distance (TRIP), odometer reading(ODO), battery charge (Battery icon), light status (light icon), and journey time (TIME TRIP) all in one easy to read UI that adapts to your field of vision.


Commuter Safety Package

We want ARIDE to be ready for any journey and believe commuting can be fun and safe. That's why we're adding a commuter safety package that includes a headlight, tail light/brake light, and fenders. See and be seen to stay safe!

Commuter Safety Package

Commuter Safety Package

Fat Tire

Fat tires improve traction in poor conditions such as mud, snow, and other nasty riding conditions. It will also give you confidence to carve A-RIDE through asphalt. The Innova Tire is the best all-rounder tire we've tested!


RST Renegade Fork & X-Fusion Shock

Four ARIDE is fully suspended with AIR suspensions, which means you can very easily set it up for your body weight (using a shock pump that is not included) The 120mm travel frint and back shocks mean you'll get all the comfort you need riding on and off the road!


R100W Hub Motor by MAC

Feel the rush of 1000 watts of electricity motor power! Boost from 0 to 35 mph in seconds off the road or coast at a smooth 20 mph on road to stay in legal limits. We chose the MAC motor for its reliability and power and didn't settle for less.

Custom made 13S6P Panasonic Battery

Battery capacity is 1000Wh, which means you can get up to 50 miles of range!


3A Charger

Our 3A Charger fully charges ARIDE in only 5 hrs! Plug it in while you sleep or work and be ready for another round of adventure and fun riding.



We've been developing and programming the BAC800 controller from ASI with their engineers in Canada. We wanted to get the maximum performance (power vs range) from our custom battery, so you could enjoy maximum torque and speed with maximum range.