Introducing the A-Ride 

Designed and engineered to take your eScooter experience to the next level, A-Ride is the perfect mode of transportation whether you’re traversing through the city or hitting the beach. 
  • Wide platform
  • Dual suspension system
  • High stability
  • Low center of gravity
  • Hydraulic disk brakes
  • Enhanced visibility
  • 30% grade capable
  • Unmatched control
  • 50 mile range
  • Powerful LED lights

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The Ultimate Seamless Riding Experience  

A-Ride is equipped with mountain bike handlebars, 24-inch fat tires, hydraulic disk brakes, and front and back LED lighting. With it’s wide platform and rear shocks, A-Ride is comfortable enough to ride just about anywhere. Designed to take your eScooter experience to a whole other level, A-Ride features a powerful motor for fast, safe, and controlled transportation whether you're heading into work or heading out to the mountains.

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Accessories to Enhance Your eScooter Ride 

When designing A-Ride, we focused on not only how to make our ride safer and easier to handle, but also how we could overcome some of the shortcomings of other eScooters. That’s why we offer a selection of optional accessories for A-Ride.

  • Kid Handlebars: These handlebars allow you to take your kid along for the adventure!
  • Rear Rack: The rear rack is perfect for carrying bags, baskets, and any other small item you’d like to bring for the ride.
  • Surf Rack: Heading to the beach? Our surf rack was designed specifically to carry your board and gear!

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A-Ride is the ultimate eScooter riding experience. Designed by a team with more than 18 years of experience in the scooter development business, A-Ride provides you with reliable and fun transportation. Order yours from Alpine Riding today!

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