Places an A-Ride makes More Fun in 2022

Places an A-Ride makes More Fun in 2022 

Have you thought about all of the places you could go when you have the best electric scooter bike around? In 2022, a scooter bike will make going to all of your favorite places more fun than ever! Don't have an electric scooter bike yet? A-RIDE is here to get you hooked up with the best electric scooter bike around. And while you're here, learn about some great places to check out when you have your A-RIDE.

Image of an A-Ride scooter
Explore the Town

When was the last time you explored your own city? See your city in a new way with your best electric scooter bike by your side! Look up the best sights to see in your city, hop on your electric scooter bike, and set out to explore your city. There are so many great places to check out in your own backyard, you'll be surprised at how much you've been missing! 

If you're looking for a new adventure (outside of your own town), take your scooter bike on a trip! With all of the great places to explore in this world, there's no excuse not to hit the open road. And with A-RIDE by your side, you'll be able to travel farther and see more than ever before.

Image of a woman riding an A-Ride scooter
Commute to Work

We know that those early morning commutes to work can be very challenging — especially if you haven't had your morning coffee yet. But with your A-Ride, the trip will be more enjoyable than ever! You can easily weave in and out of traffic, and get to work in a new and unique way. Make all of your coworkers jealous when you pull up to work on the best electric scooter bike around!

Image of a woman with an A-ride in the park
Visit a New Park

Whether you're taking a break from work or just want to have some fun on the weekend, the park is a great place to take your electric scooter bike. Find a new park you have yet to explore, pack a few snacks, and head to the park for a day of fun! Our electric scooter bike will make getting there easy, and once you're there you'll be able to cover more ground than if you were walking. There's something for everyone at the park, so make sure you add exploring a new park to your 2022 bucket list!

Image of a man and a woman riding A-Rides together
Go Out With Friends

So you have the best electric scooter bike around, but what about your friends? Exploring the town is always more fun with good company. Plan a night out with your friends and check out some of the new places your city has to offer. You'll be glad you have the best electric scooter bike around when you're trying to navigate through busy streets and tight spaces.

A-RIDE is always here to help get you where you need to go! Whether it's exploring your city or heading out on a fun night with your friends, we can help make the experience more enjoyable than ever before. 

No matter where you choose to go, having the best electric scooter bike around is sure to make any journey more fun. So what are you waiting for? Visit us at A-RIDE today — we can't wait to help get you on the best electric scooter bike around!