Benefits of a Standing E-Scooter

Benefits of a Standing E-Scooter

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With so many recreational and leisure modes of transportation on the current market, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the options available and decide which is right for you — honestly, quite the joyful problem to have! While you could try them all out, here at Alpine Riding, we are sure that we’ve created the best hybrid option for you! Built for all terrains, physical abilities, and seasons, the A-Ride is the ultimate versatile joy ride.

Straighten Your Posture

As the world transitions to a heavy reliance on sedentary jobs and lifestyles, our postures have slumped and slouched (psst - we’re willing to bet you’re hunched as you read this!). Traditional pedal bikes don’t really help the situation, when the whole premise to riding is leaning forward and grabbing the bars in front of you from a seated position. The A-Ride standing e-scooter is ergonomically designed to support and encourage correct posture as you ride.

Gentle On Joints

Love the exhilaration of cycling or running, but can’t tolerate the high-impact pressure on your joints? The A-ride e-scooter was designed with you in mind! Because all you have to do is stand and steer, you can get to where you’re going and get in a light workout without the stress on your joints of traditional scootering. Try the A-Ride e-scooter out for yourself, your joints will thank you!

Full Body Workout

Looking to get fit while you’re having fun? No sweat, literally. The A-Ride e-scooter offers a gentle, yet effective workout every time you ride. Level up your workout by tackling rougher terrain (yes, the e-scooter is made for trail adventure!) or adding extra workout elements to target specific goals or muscle groups. A-Ride e-scooters can improve abdominal and core strength by simply standing and stabilizing during the ride. Sneak in a good leg workout by kicking every once in a while, or navigating terrain that requires you to brace yourself.

Good Cardio

Think e-scooters are for leisurely cruising through the neighborhood with your hair gently blowing in the breeze (around your helmet, of course — safety first!)? Well, it sure can be… however, for our thrill-seeking adventure enthusiasts, the A-Ride e-scooter is for you! With the fat tire, sturdy base, and dual-suspension package, this scooter is designed for adrenaline-packed commuting where every ride is a heart-pounding cardio booster.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect functional transportation for your urban rat-race commute, you’re the fearless adventurer tackling America’s toughest trails, or somewhere in between, the A-Ride e-scooter was made for you. For any body, any ability, on any terrain, the A-Ride is the ride. Purchase yours and get riding today!

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