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Transportation is critical no matter what the weather brings — from sunshine to harsh winter temperatures. Alpine Riding is helping all commuters save time and money with the A-Ride e-scooter, a new, innovative way to travel in style and comfort. Now is the time to expand beyond the typical mountain bike or e-bike, and dive into the thrill of this commuting and trail-riding combination.


Can Ride On Any Terrain

No matter where you’re going — city sidewalks, dirt trails, concrete, gravel — the A-Ride e-scooter can accommodate you and get you to your destination fast. Invest in a high-quality biking and overall transportation experience with Alpine Riding’s signature e-scooter. You can ride along with ease knowing we’ve engineered the perfect model to get you safely through any terrain you may encounter.


A child rides an A-Ride e-scooter.

Comfortable And Safe For All Riders Young and Old

A common worry with e-scooters and other e-bikes is safety, and what risks are involved. Alpine Riding knows how important it is for everyone to comfortably ride our A-Ride e-scooter without worrying about operating errors. This is the ideal means of transportation for commuters of all ages, young or old, who are looking for a comfortable, scenic riding experience in the city. Don’t hurt yourself trying to safely operate other segways and hoverboards!


An A-Ride e-scooter riding comfortably on sand.

50 Mile Max Battery

Your busy work schedule and fast-paced outdoor adventures shouldn’t be slowed down by the wrong type of transportation! Alpine Riding has designed the A-Ride e-scooter with a long-lasting, 50 mile battery limit, meaning you can go on any trail or cross-country joy ride without stopping for a charge! Our robust model is more than capable of keeping up with your adrenaline-packed antics.


A close-up of an A-Ride e-scooter.

20 MPH Max Speed

Speaking of adrenaline, our engineers at Alpine Riding believe you deserve the ultimate riding experience no matter where you are. Our versatile A-Ride e-scooter is capable of going up to 20 miles per hour, giving you the opportunity for a fast and controlled ride every single time. No matter where your outdoor adventures take you, our model gives you a high-quality biking feeling.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best, no matter where you go! Alpine Riding is proud to help you achieve safe, fast and stylish transportation.

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